Without a Country

A Live Podcast Hosted by Joe DeRosa and Corinne Fisher

What’s the worst part about getting the news these days? Where you have to get it from. FOX, CNN, Breitbart, Vulture…it’s a pendulum swinging from one side of the pigpen to the other. But comedians Joe DeRosa and Corinne Fisher are intent on finding the gray area. Their podcast Without a Country has them covering the latest polarizing headlines, pulling stories about each from the most opposing outlets, and discussing the much-needed middle ground amidst the madness.

Each episode is taped in front of a live audience, town hall-style, with attendees having the chance to chime in during the closing Q and A segment. NDA’s are also distributed so folks know a lot of what happens in the room, stays in the room. That’s not a play to put the kibosh on reviews or post-show Twitter talk, it’s a means to make the audience feel comfortable expressing, sharing and, most importantly, freely experiencing the moment.

No snooping journalists looking over your shoulder here. No loud-mouth media outlets telling you what to think. No emotionally-charged editorials being tossed at you from your smart phone. Just two liberals gone rogue, hosting a podcast, and trying to have some fun with you in the interest of unbiased news, common sense, and nuance.

In other words: everyone is welcome and no one will be canceled.