Joe Dosch

Joe Dosch is a gay stand up comic from South Dakota, the 49th worst state in America (the other Dakota is 50th). Joe began his stand up comedy career in Montana, where he later came out after years of neck-bearded, barely-passing- for-straight misery. After coming out, Joe began performing as his drag queen alter ego, Cherry Poppins, on the Montana drag circuit, the most prestigious and fun gig happening at a Butte, Montana bowling alley (No, I’m not kidding). His first stand up comedy show out of the closet was performed in front of literal skinheads in Northwest Montana. Finding the “gay stand up comic barely tolerated by Nazi separatists” market to be less fruitful and more problematic than he’d like, Joe moved to Los Angeles in 2011 where he has been pursuing comedy full time. In 2017, he was passed at the World Famous Comedy Store, the most exclusive comedy club in America, maybe the world. In 2016, he was a finalist on Comedy Central’s Roast Battle 2, a show where two comics sling insults at each other in a head-to- head joke contest. He has written for the Comedy Central Roasts of Alec Baldwin, Rob Lowe, and Justin Bieber. He recently showcased for Lights Out with David Spade. Heavily influenced by intellectual and fearless comedians like Patrice O’Neal and Bill Burr, Joe is a charming young man who offers hilarious material that will leave audiences in tatters.