Fifi Dosch

Fifi Dosch has been a stand up comic since 2011, but good luck trying to Google her from around then. That’s probably because she began her career as Joe Dosch before transitioning into a fabulous lady in 2020!

She has been a Paid Regular at the World Famous Comedy Store since 2017. She appeared in boy-mode on seasons 1 and 2 of Comedy Central’s Roast Battle, and wrote material for the Comedy Central Roasts of Alec Baldwin, Rob Lowe, and Justin Bieber, delivering huge laughs despite being dragged down by that pesky penis of hers. Since 2020, the transition has absolutely drained her of any and all traces of Give a Fuck. Heavily influenced by intellectual and fearless comedians like Patrice O’Neal and Colin Quinn, Fifi is an absolutely fearless lady that will blow audiences away and leave them shaking with laughter.

Be sure to check out her podcast FifiQuest on iTunes and all the downloady podcast places!